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Le Koko Collectif is an İstanbul based creative studio, specialized in designing and delivering communication strategies for leading fashion and lifestyle brands.

Our 15 years of experience, empowers us with an in depth understanding of brands and their target audience, to design the ideal communication. We believe that in order to have an outstanding and catchy communication, brands must have a skillfully crafted story to tell. In creating a brand’s story, instead of a distant and snobbish approach, we care to use an inspiring, easy and sincere language. And love to project our colorful, fun loving nature to our work.

Our most powerful asset is our multi disciplinary in-house team.

In a typical process, a brand communication is probably created by a one time collaboration of a few different creative teams, which otherwise are used to think and work independently. No matter how talented these teams are, this ”one-timeness” steals a lot from the soul of any project, on its way from idea to realization.

With Le Koko Collectif we wanted to change that and shelter the whole process under the same roof.

From generating the idea to creating the content, from art direction to styling, from casting to production, we all meet around the same table, for the same goal, everyday.

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More than a decade's editorial experience with leading fashion press and brand campaigns, Bahar Kongel and her team share their expertise on creative styling. An approach using style as a tool to create strategically designed stories that tell and even amplify the soul of a brand.

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We are a full service production company fueled by the life style and fashion heritage of Le Koko Collectif. Creating an alternative to the big production company approach -working exclusively with artists they represent, Koko Production independently curates the dream team of photographers, video artists, stylists, art directors, illustrators, set designers that fits best to the brief and delivers creative solutions.

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With editorial backgrounds in fashion and life style, our team -the creators of blank-mag, put their expertise to the service of brands. Unlike the big advertising agencies, using a boutique approach to creating the right content, delivers fast and budget friendly results in communicating the brand's story. Helping them develop a language that fits multi dimensional media platforms, to touch the hearts of their costumers in meaningful, inspiring and catchy ways, with a twist of fun.

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